Poo Diary…who would have thought?

I now have a new person in my life who is getting to know me pretty well.  Every day I get a phone call asking me all about my toilet activities, everything from frequency to consistency.   Not only do I get a daily phone call I also have to record any activity in a poo diary. My hubby and I don’t talk about these things, so when I get this call at the supermarket check-out, wow, how things have changed.

Prodded and Poked

Again the phrase “new normal” rings in my ears.  This year was supposed to be getting back to some sort of ordinary life instead I have been detailing number twos and so far every month my new chest has been prodded and poked.  In my enthusiasm to comply, during my last visit I also took off one shoe.  My oncologist clearly pointed out that he wasn’t there to inspect my feet, but I just felt a little rude climbing onto his examination table with them on!

Clinical Trial

Despite all the treatment so far we are still chasing that elusive final few percent so I have recently embarked on participating in a clinical drug trail for a year.  This consists of 6 tablets to minimise the cancer returning and 10 other tablets to ward off the runs.  Toileting aside this is a pretty big commitment as I have to take pills at 8am, 10am, 2pm, 4pm and 9pm.  The only reason I was keen do this trial was the chance of losing some of this chemo weight in the process.  Apparently, this is not so funny according to my oncologist.  So 3 days in, 48 tablets down and not even a hint of movement.

But don’t feel sorry for me, I am not the guy whose job it is to phone countless survivors and ask them if they did a poo today?  Imagine that.  Got to go I can hear my phone ringing!

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