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Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Jewellery

Jewellery is such a personal thing.  For me when I buy jewellery I see it as an investment and would much rather go for a quality piece that I can continue to wear.  This means that I pick pieces that will be more likely to stand the test of time.  I recently came across some necklaces in my jewellery box that have tarnished beyond repair but I cannot bring myself to throw them out as they were gifts from friends.  Keeping them in an airtight container / bag can reduce this issue.

Top tips for selecting jewellery

Here are my top 8 top tips for choosing the perfect jewellery:

  1. Stick to similar styles. 

When I am choosing what jewellery to wear with an outfit I try to pick similar styles.  It doesn’t have to all match, but keeping with similar design themes will bring your look together in a cohesive way.

  1. Layer Layer Layer

This is a fun way to make a unique statement with many pieces you already own.  The only bit of advice I would give here is chose one accessory to stack.  Earrings, bangles, rings, or necklaces.  Not all of them.

  1. Metal on Skin

Find the metals or stones that suit your skin.  I generally avoid gold as I think the yellow does not compliment my skin.  The jewellery you wear should complement you, not take over!

  1. Making a statement

I love statement pieces but if you are going to go with a bold pair of earrings then maybe avoid wearing a necklace, or vice versa.  With a unique bangle maybe dial down the rings to the minimum.

  1. Breathing new life

Recently I inherited my grandmother’s engagement ring which obviously has huge sentimental value.  However I knew I would never wear it in its original form, so I decided to have it remodelled.  Now I wear it most days and I think of here when I look at my hand.  Reclaiming an old piece can mean that you get to really enjoy it once more, and it can add to the story.

  1. It’s so shiny

Take the time to clean your jewellery yourself or taking it to a professional.  The amount of times I have got compliments from people just after I have had my rings cleaned.  Just make sure you follow the instructions on any cleaner and put a plug over the sink.  I have lost a few earrings down the plug hole!

  1. Clothes or jewellery, the chicken or the egg?

Instead of choosing your clothes first, sometimes it can be far more interesting to find your jewellery first and match your outfit accordingly.  This could open up a whole new world in terms of colour and style.   I reckon this makes shopping for an outfit heaps more fun too.

  1. Make it yours and have fun

It is all about you.  Your personal style, what you feel comfortable in and what makes you feel good.  So experiment, try new things, look to magazines, stores and people for inspiration.  You are totally unique so your look should be unique too.   Nobody is as good as being you, as you!

What tips do you have for choosing jewellery?   Please comment below, I would love to hear from you!

Remember be kind to yourself, you are amazing!

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