What’s your perspective?

Time is a funny old thing.  Some say time heals wounds.  Some say time flies when you are having fun.  Others say there is no time like the present.   Philosophers, scientists, historians and poets have studied, debated, measured and romanticised time.  But the truth is, in my opinion, the only difference in time between you and me, is our perspectives.

In just a few hours

It was 17 hours from lying on a medical table bleeding from 3 biopsy’s until I received that bone chilling phone call.  But a week prior to this I was in a room surrounded by many friends celebrating my hubby’s milestone birthday for 15 hours.  Despite taking less than a day, my perception of time during those events was so different.  Almost polar extremes in emotions when I recall these events.  So when, yet another friend, tells me they have found a lump but had to wait over 4 weeks for the test results, despite having gone through this myself, I still cannot comprehend having to wait for such a long time for news.  Not knowing, for some that maybe easier than knowing the truth.  My biggest lump was 1.8mm and was predicted to take about a year to reach that size.  So who knows the severity and prognosis if another 4 weeks had been added to the mix.

How long do I have

Later after the dust has settled and wounds are healed, time takes on another new meaning.  On the one hand I have more clarity and conviction in what I would like to do and achieve with the remainder of my time on this planet.  But then here is the petrifying bit, how much time do I have left?   I am sandwiched between, excitement of what is yet to be accomplished, and paralysing fear that I cannot do it fast enough.  I find myself in a position where I have no doubt in my ability, which is a new comfort to me, and I am on the right path to get there, but is the universe going to give me the space and time to achieve all that I dream?

Time has changed

My perspective on time has changed:  You cannot control time, but you can control what you do with your time.  It’s a choice, either choose to do something or choose to do nothing, either way time marches on.

Remember to be kind to yourself  xxx

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